January Third

Up Partners

Brand and Conference Identity

A multidimensional branding project

Building a brand as ambitious as its investments.

Up Partners is the leading venture capital firm investing in multi-dimensional mobility. They invest in technology that's working toward moving people and goods in a more efficient and sustainable way.

The team at Up Partners came to January Third to rebrand both the company and their world-famous conference, the Up Summit. We worked together over the course of ten weeks to build a new brand that would help Up Partners look as groundbreaking and new as the tech they invest in.

Conference design for UP Summit

Brand building for venture capital

The team at January Third built the entire brand around Up's existing logo. From color and type to layouts for collateral, print and web, as well as messaging and brand strategy, the brand look and feel has been completely redesigned.

The brand balances a future-forward look with design language that imbues equal parts trust and awe. The new identity is anchored in a deep black and light gray with pops of electric green weaving their way through compositions with linework that evokes plane contrails.

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Conference Collateral
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