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Start Here to Get There

A brand campaign

Your new tech career? It starts here.

Revature is the leading provider of entry-level tech talent, offering talent-as-a-service for the Fortune 500. Instead of getting swallowed up in student debt, Revature pays candidates to train full-time for 12 weeks before starting their new careers at top tech companies. Once candidates start the program, it works extremely well. With an 89% retention rate after year 4, the Revature program works for hiring managers, too.

In today's job market, companies are looking to hire — and fast. Revature's program trains candidates so they're ready to jump in on day one, saving companies time and money. But they needed more candidates to apply, so Revature came to January Third looking for an awareness campaign for both B2C and B2B audiences that would help attract more candidates to the program.


Wherever you're headed, start here to get there.

We built a campaign that speaks to both audiences individually, the candidate and the recruiting team. Whether they're looking to start a new career in tech, or hire a dozen new engineers trained on a specific tech stack, the first step is Revature.

The campaign looks and feels like a modern tech company, attracting folks who are interested in working in tech and the people who will soon hire them. With bright, poppy colors and friendly type, the visual style is welcoming and tech-forward. Imagery of diverse, stylish candidates helps drive home the message that Revature is for everyone. And no matter what you're looking for, a career or new team members, Revature is the place to start.

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B2C Audience

Brand Manifesto

You can see it. It’s as clear as a photo. It’s billboard big and in full color, burning bright in your mind’s eye. It’s a better version of today. A better version of you. Where you have a career, not a job. Where you work here, not there. Where you wake up ready to transform keystrokes into action.

But that’s not today. That’s not you. Not yet. What you need is a path. A road illuminated as bright as the destination. You need a way to get from here to there. From humble today, to the glass office of tomorrow. You need it to be proven. You need a plan. And that’s what we do. We take here and turn it into there. We take potential and shape it into purpose. We take you from job seeker to career professional. If you can see where you want to get but not how to get there — 
start here.



We built an integrated campaign to reach both B2B and B2C audiences, including social, pre-roll, digital display, radio, and a landing page for each audience.

Our goal is to test the way that both candidates and companies respond to the new creative, and we'll use that data to design a custom-shot campaign for the next flight while keeping the core creative elements the same.

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The future you want starts in a place you haven't heard of.

It can be hard to trust a company you haven't heard of offering such a big commitment — the Revature program lasts two years. So the new design language has to do double-duty, both attracting the audience and proving that the company is trustworthy and legitimate.

Ultimately, this campaign will raise awareness for Revature, bringing attention to talent-as-a-service and helping both audiences trust Revature. Because we know that once they try the program, it's wildly successful.

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