January Third

The Phillips Collection

Outdoor Campaign


We took over every ad at the Farragut North metro station and built a popup art gallery.

The Phillips Collection is America's first museum of modern art. But too few know it. According to our pre-campaign quantitative survey, unaided awareness is just 19.7% — a fraction of its more famous cousin, The National Gallery of Art. In fact, The National Gallery gets 32 times as many visitors annually. Only a quarter of commuters standing just one metro stop from The Phillips Collection had heard of it.

Instead of just "telling" commuters about The Phillips Collection, we brought the museum to commuters. We placed art from the collection on every ad unit at the metro station, transforming the utilitarian space into a home for art for the duration of the campaign.



Our messaging was built around a simple idea: you don’t know America’s first museum of modern art.

It’s not on The Mall, like you might think. It’s not in Manhattan, Chicago or Los Angeles. America's first museum of modern art is The Phillips Collection, and it's just one metro stop away in Dupont Circle. To help tell that story, we paired vivid reproductions of some of The Phillips Collection's most important works of art with striking type and unmistakable headlines. "America's first museum of modern art is on the Red Line," reads one board. "America's first museum of modern art is at 21st and Q," shouts another.

In total, together with The Phillips Collection, January Third wrote, designed and produced 151 ad units — ultimately taking over every available space for advertising within one of DC's most visited metro stations. With 18,000 commuters passing through Farragut North each day, The Phillips Collection could expect nearly 1 million impressions just a 4 minute metro ride from the doors of the museum.

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America's first museum of modern art isn't in Manhattan or on The Mall. It's The Phillips Collection, just one stop away.
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