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The Call: Marketing Campaign for Good

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Announcing a serious commitment to equity from a beloved client partner.

This summer was a catalyst for corporate social change — we saw many companies finally wake up to tackle systemic racism and structural inequality for the first time. Some organizations implemented new policies or allocated more resources to existing DEI initiatives. For EVERFI, equity is at the very core of their mission. The team has been building courses on financial literacy, diversity, equity and inclusion, mental health, and so many other subjects for years — educating the next generation, and workplaces all over the country, with courses built for K-12 and the workplace.

EVERFI wanted to make a *big* commitment to building equity. They committed $100 million to address systemic social injustice through free digital education for America's K-12 schools. And January Third built a campaign to help tell the world about their mission, hoping to raise awareness for EVERFI but more importantly get more schools signed up for their free classes, teaching the next generation about these crucial topics before they head off to college.

We started with strategy

Before we built the creative, we took on the communications challenge of defining key messaging for each audience group. Then, we built an integrated media strategy to ensure broad awareness as well as more targeted communications for teachers and those who could benefit from EVERFI's free courses.

In addition to the campaign launch video, we created several other videos highlighting CSR initiatives from Everfi's client partners. We helped the MassMutual Foundation and Truth Initiative tell the story of how they each answered The Call.

The overall campaign included digital and social placements as well as these spots. We designed a landing page to help sign up more schools and classrooms for their free digital lessons, ultimately helping thousands get access to equity-building classroom tools.

Interactive design for ad campaign by January Third
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