January Third

US Short Codes Registry

Integrated Telecomm Campaign


Last year, we let them know. This year, everyone knows.

Virtually every American uses Short Code daily, and still few actually knew what they were. Last year’s campaign changed that, educating tens of millions about those 6-digit numbers we unknowingly love.

“Obviously”, as the campaign was known, exceeded even our wildest benchmarks: 5,410 new Short Codes leased and a 191x ROAS.

We rode the momentum into 2023. If last year explained what a Short Code *is*, this year explains what a Short Code *represents*; it draws an unforgettable connection between Short Codes and the feeling they conjure in customers. Senders are verified, the open rate is nearly 100%, and billions of texts are sent with Short Codes every year.

Short Codes are, in a word, trustworthy. This would become our campaign linchpin.



Everyone knows. Except you. Until now.

Last year, we explained what a Short Code is. This year, we connect Short Codes to the things it enables. You trust your bank to confirm wire transfers with Short Codes. You trust your doctor to confirm appointments with Short Codes. Your gate just changed to A29. And you only know that because... you get the idea.

We leaned into this idea: everyone trusts Short Codes, and everyone knows it — except Todd, apparently. Todd, like our audience, knows customers trust Short Codes. But he, like our audience, isn’t sure why. To which we reply:

Everyone knows why.

We watch as all of America, from a pool-playing cowboy at a whiskey bar to nightly news anchor, remind audiences that everyone (and we mean *everyone*) trusts Short Codes. Except Todd, apparently.

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Journalists know. Police chiefs know. A head chef and his many sous chefs — they all know.

Through four rounds of creative and 16 scripts, we explored a variety of characters and scenarios (one of many: a man who doesn’t trust anything, not even girl scouts, but always trusts Short Codes) until we finally landed on “Everyone Knows.”

We handled pre-production, scouting and planning for a three-day, five-location, seven-scene spot. We shot in J3’s favorite whiskey bar, a local barbershop admired from afar, and a pop-up movie theater (easter egg that’s impossible to see: we played the 2021 Short Codes film on the projector during that scene!)

After we finally wrapped, we celebrated our feat by rewarding our feet... with matching J3 crocs.

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Q1 2023 is off to a strong start with 1,062 conversions and a 180x ROAS. Year over year, our average video view rate increased 63%, while average CPC decreased 17%.

“Everyone Knows” is in its first flight. Perhaps one of our characters will emerge as an audience favorite. If we were to guess: Chef Mark. He’s got too many Michelin stars to lose. Then again, Sandra Stormfront of Channel 5 is up for a Peabody. We’ll see!

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