January Third

The Motley Fool

Five Times Makes a Big Difference


Financial advice this effective deserves a campaign to match.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor has outperformed the stock market by 5x since 2002. The Motley Fool came to January Third to raise awareness for Stock Advisor and ultimately grow their subscriber base. We created a campaign including a suite of units for OTT like Hulu and YouTube TV, as well as social and digital.

We built a flexible concept framework for narrative storytelling across durations from :06 to :60. The concept illustrated the enormous difference that five times makes through lighthearted, almost surreal scenarios — like having ten kids overnight.

:60 for Social
:15 for Hulu
:30 for Hulu + YouTube TV

An adventure in live action production in the middle of a pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, we weren't sure how we'd be able to shoot campaigns without getting the full squad together. But we wrote this whole concept around being able to shoot with one actor at a time on a sound stage, with a very limited crew and multiple PCR and rapid COVID tests to keep us all as safe as possible. And it worked great!

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