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Elsa Jewelry Co.

DTC Jewelry Brand Development

Building a new jewelry brand

Building a DTC jewelry brand. From scratch.

The co-founders of Elsa came to January Third with a challenge — build a brand, from name and strategy to brand identity — for a new DTC jewelry company. A brother-sister duo, Julio and Vanessa have a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs, and wanted to build a jewelry brand to help do just that. From the craftspeople in Portugal who hand make each necklace, to the family-run third party logistics team, Elsa Jewelry is gold that does good.

Our team at January Third developed the entire brand, from name and strategy through brand identity. After brand building was complete, we produced a quarantine-safe film and photo shoot to bring the brand to life.

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There is a small town in Portugal, not far from the sea.

You can look out the window there and see walls raised a thousand years ago. You can feel that the sun is different — that peace comes easy. And it's in that place, amid the trade winds and history, that Elsa is made.

Touched by hand and heart. Shaped by women who seek to make something more than ornamentation. We pursue jewelry that is simple, soulful — as enduring as the town itself. In a place built before Portugal, we are guided by good to make a beautiful, lasting jewelry. 

We call it Elsa.

DTC Jewelry Branding by January ThirdPhotography for DTC brands
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DTC Branding by January Third
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