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Enough with the medicine. Here, we're selling weed.

Over the past few years, in an effort to legitimize the industry, cannabis brands have taken on the look and feel of medicine — a move that makes sense for some brands. Changing the public's perception of the cannabis industry is a crucial step toward legalization, and one that many of our friends are doing a wonderful job at.

But Khalifa Kush isn't selling medicinal cannabis. We're selling potent, powerful, premium weed. From Wiz Khalifa's personal stash. Descended from an OG strain, Khalifa Kush is full of just as much energy, just as much life, as Wiz himself. And we built a brand to prove it.

Khalifa Kush came to January Third to rebrand ahead of a big growth year. Last year, brand had just a logo, stamped in gold foil, on a series of packages. So we set out to change that, building a holistic brand story and modular visual toolkit as bold and full of life as the man himself.

From building a brand story and strategy to fully reimagining visual design — from the website to type, color, package design, and social content — we built a strong, cohesive cannabis brand.

Cannabis-Branding-Design-January-Third-2Cannabis branding by January Third
January-Third-Cannabis-Marketing-Creative-AgencyWeed branding for Khalifa KushWeed-Branding-Creative-Agency
KK-Photos-1×1KK_SocialSquares_Image Text BG-1
Brand-Identity-MarijuanaPhoto shoot for cannabis brand Khalifa Kush
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