January Third

American Airlines

Lounge Launch Campaign


A new standard of lounge has landed.

The Admirals Club is a place of respite and solace, sitting comfortably above the chaos of the airport. It always has been. And now it’s getting its first facelift in 10 years. There’s a private concierge, a full-service staffed bar, a commercial-grade kitchen, and enough outlets to power silicon valley.

Before it makes its debut at an airport near you, the all-new redesigned Admirals Club is coming to DCA, aka National Airport in Washington, DC. Hence, us!

We partnered with American Airlines to develop campaign creative that would introduce their reimagined offering; a hero film, a photography library, and key campaign language their team can leverage as they unveil lounges nationwide.

Watch the :30 TVC

The Idea

It's easy to forget you're at the airport.

The space is designed to bring the outside in — wood paneling creates crepuscular lighting, a fireplace burns nearby, one side overlooks the concourse and the other looks out at the Capitol. It’s 14,000 square feet of wonder. We understand how this sounds coming from advertisers, but we mean it: it’s marvelous.

That feeling of exclusion and sanctuary is what inspired our idea: in here, it’s easy to forget you’re at the airport.



Lights. Camera. Shoes. Phone. Belt. Watch.

Shooting in an airport was so easy! So smooth! No hurdles! TSA was so accomodating!

...Okay, it was challenging. But 12 hours later we came away with a string-out of beautiful footage. We color graded, mastered, sourced music and recorded VO, netting our final suite of assets; assets the AA team used across their social, digital, OTT and TV channels.

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