January Third

A creative agency for a post-agency world.

On January Third, the whole year stretches out before you. It's a fresh start with white sneakers, never worn. It's a first hint of light breaking the horizon line. It’s the certainty that no matter what happened last year, this one will be better still.

Five things we believe—

  • Independence is oxygen.
  • Bold performs better.
  • Too big is too slow.
  • Clients = collaborators.
  • We’re here to do great things.

Brand Services—

January Third develops intentional, unexpected brand communications.


  • Research

  • Brand planning

  • Channel strategy


  • Creative development

  • Integrated advertising

  • Social & Display


  • Brand activations

  • UX & UI design

  • Native mobile

January Third is an independent creative agency built for next year.

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