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The story of January Third

We grew up in the world of big, holding-company creative agencies. Places with offices in most time zones. Shops where a twenty-person meeting was most meetings.

There was a lot to admire about those kind of agencies. The offices looked like you’d want: grand and important-seeming. There was plush furniture on high floors. There were encouraging murals everywhere.

What was less admirable was “the work.” Sometimes because it wasn’t particularly good. Sometimes because it felt like it belonged to another era. Meant for the year 1990-something. Often it required a small plane’s worth of staff to make. It was *always* expensive.

Most often, though, the work ended as pitch decks. Endlessly discussed but never made.

Why we are different

January Third is something different.

We are an advertising agency built for next year — not some long-dead Mad Men past.

We are modern, senior and small. We are equal parts female and male owned. We are fiercely independent, partnering only with brands we believe in. And we produce creative for today’s platforms. That means that we build Instagram-first campaigns and websites as often as we write outdoor or radio.

We believe in design. Not as a layer of polish to be dragged over ad units but as a way of thinking — a philosophy that delivers business results for today’s highly visual world. Modern advertising demands design thinking.

Above all else: we believe in our bones that a brand must be memorable to grow. That interesting has the best ROI. And that to get different results you have to do something different. We’re here to make something memorable. And we want to do it together.

Brand Services —

January Third grows brands through bold, strategic creative.


  • Brand Planning

  • UX Strategy

  • Growth Strategy

  • Media Planning


  • Integrated Advertising

  • Creative Development

  • Social & Display

  • Content Production

Experience Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Responsive Websites

  • Native Mobile

  • AR Instagram Filters

Let’s make something memorable together.

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